Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Balloon Animals

A few weeks ago we were planning our summer birthday party at the homeless shelter and I was thinking about fun things to do at the party.  Balloon Animals strike me as something fun for kids but I don't know anyone who does them.  So, I decided that I would attempt to learn the skill. :)

I set up a Friday night date with you-t*be and a random bag of balloon-animal balloons from the grocery store.  I am now a "master" of the balloon dog, which if you use your imagination can also be, say, a spotted cow, a kangaroo, or a skunk--it's all in the marker. ;)

Here are some of my first attempts at a few other animals--the lion and teddy bear (there is a slightly undone purple kangaroo behind them.).

I'm still on the fence about whether they would be fun for the parties or not.  While they are definitely fun, they also pop quite easily, and popped balloons, I'm afraid, don't tend to bring good cheer. :)

1 comment:

  1. i am TOTALLY impressed!!!! i love the teddy bear! he's so cute!