Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Birthdays Booth

Today Becca and I did something we've never done before. :)  We sat at a table at our local Community Day Luau to tell people all about Sweet Birthdays.

(We were way too hot to pose in the pictures.  It was in the 90's--
BUT there was a great breeze and we did have the shade of tent.)

We got to talk a lot--a lot about Sweet Birthdays--what we are and what we are not. ;)
--We host birthday parties once a month at a local emergency homeless shelter for the children there.
--It's an awesome way to volunteer with our families--especially with young children.
--We, in fact, do NOT cater birthday parties. :)

And while we weren't there to necessarily promote adoption, it came up a lot in the course of natural conversation.  Most everyone wanted to know why we started doing the parties.  Our answer:  Because we're both in the process of adoption and along the way we've read quite a bit about world poverty.  In response to what we've learned we want to do something (more than just giving money) hands-on AND something that we can do with our children.  Sweet Birthdays is a very good fit. :)

We even met a family court judge there--one who resides over adoptions.  He was SO encouraging--definitely a high point of the day. :)

What we do.

How you can help and the flowers for the flower pens that we made with the people who stopped by.

We had a WHOLE page of people who signed up to learn more!

My two monkeys enjoying a day at the "beach" there with Daddy.

As a big-time introvert talking to lots of people is not my "thing."  But it was a REALLY good day.  Thanks, Becca, for being a part of it with me! :)


  1. oh, we had so much fun (even in the sweltering heat!) I cannot wait to see what God has in store for our birthday parties!

  2. I really think this birthday thing you do is so neat!

    I'm very familiar with that Panera Bread - let us know next time you'll be coming through!

    We've both lived in this area our whole lives.

  3. That is such a great ministry!!

  4. sounds like the booth was a success! how awesome to meet a family court judge! so glad he was an encouragement!

  5. So glad there was interest! Hoping more and more people give their time to help out, and that every month, you all realize how happy you make some children and their families :-)