Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Numbers? and FDL

It's the first week of July--so it's time for our monthly number update--this month by phone call. :) 

A referral for a baby girl went out earlier this week, so we'll actually be at least one number less than our "official" number. :)

Still waiting to get our FDL.  What is an "FDL?"  On April 5 (the Monday right after Easter) we headed to the Bronx at 8am to get fingerprinted (again) by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  We sent them our homestudy and a few other documents and after viewing both our paperwork and checking our fingerprints, they will send us a Favorable Determination Letter (FDL).

And why do we need an FDL and what does it mean?  Not exactly clear on all of the details yet, but we need it to get a visa for our little girl.  I think that once we get our referral there will be more paperwork to actually obtain the visa. :)

USCIS has recently centralized their  process for reviewing intercountry adoption paperwork and so our form is somewhere in the shuffle.  While there is no imminent rush, we will need to have our FDL before we can accept a referral.  Hoping that we can get it by the end of this month (that will have given them 4 months to review it).  :)

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  1. i definitely hope you get your FDL soon! it's just always nice to know you have everything you need!