Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Made-It: Check this out! (Kid Concoctions)

So, I've been busy "crafting" these days in the office and while I'm there, I've been listening to podcasts and watching some stuff online.  Anyway, I came across this webcast: Concoctions that Connect to Faith from Focus on the Family yesterday--and, wow--this stuff is soooo fun!

If you havent' heard of Kid Concoctions yet, it's a website/books/videos of easy craft projects to make with your kids.  Like, today, we painted with KoolAid.  You just mix a little bit of water with the drink mix and then paint away.  As you can imagine, it smells very fruity.  Scratch-n-stiff paint--seriously, how fun is that?  I guess, that if we had cut out the pictures we could have painted some plain gelatin on the back and then they would have turned into stickers!  Homemade stickers!

This one is so much fun, too.  Rocks filled with treasures.  Yeah, you can make your own rocks out of coffee grounds, sand and flour, stuff them with little treasures, and wah-lah--a hidden treasure rock!  Check it out.

Will most definitely be trying out this stuff--from sponge balls to lip gloss to making your own silly-putty-esk dough.  Can't wait!