Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Favorites: Rocking Out with Veggies

We were cranking these tunes in the car the other day and it made me remember what a lifesaver they were a few years ago.

Our dear little M passionately HATED being in the car.  Between the ages of 4 months until she was almost 2, every car ride--even just the 10 minute drive to the grocery store--was filled with a lot of screaming.  It was NOT fun.  Trying to find ways to avoid the fits of screams or ways to quickly diffuse them tested every ounce of patience I had.  Definitely a challenging time.

Anyway, one day we tried a Veggie Tales CD and she was hooked.  Out of all of the children's music that we had, listening to singing vegetables completely captivated her. :)

Consequently we have quite a few Veggie Tales CD's.  To name a few...
On the Road with Bob and Larry --where I learned the lyrics to Bicycle Made for Two
Christian Hit Music  --Kind of funny to hear Mr. Lunt singing I Was Made to Love
Bob and Larry's Toddler Songs --I must point out the version of the Wheels on the Bus on this CD is different from the version on the On the Road CD and this caused M no small amount of concern. ;)

One of our favorites is Veggie Tales Worship Songs with Matt Redman.  M was in love with Matt Redman--she always wanted to hear the "Matt" songs (maybe it's his accent).  :)

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