Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Completed Deck

During June, J Miller expanded our deck all by himself!  Awesome job, Buddy!

The old deck didn't have any steps into the yard and was too small for a patio table.  Check it out...

He dug 4 very deep footers and then got busy on the frame.

He used the yellow strings to lay it all out.  Those strings were like spider webs to T--he kept getting tangled in them just by walking by.

It looked a lot like a boat dock. :)

The helpers.

Everything but the steps.

All done!!

We have used it almost every day--LOVE IT! 

(Although we used the same stain, because the first half of the deck had weathered for 2 years before we stained it they don't completely match yet.)


  1. this is an AWESOME deck! i'm sure you'll get TONS of use out of it!