Thursday, June 03, 2010

Weekend Catch-up

Over Memorial Day Weekend we went to my cousin's wedding in Southern NJ.  It was such a beautiful wedding in a beautiful vineyard setting.

The kids watched the Sound of Music on the way (it was the perfect length for the whole trip!).  When we got there, M was pretending that she was Louisa (her favorite character) and she was dancing all through the grass.  :)

Me spinning with my guy, T.  :)

On Monday I went to the local parade in our very small town with M and T.  So never thought that I would like living in a small town--but I LOVE it.  We walked to the little town hall and watched the firetrucks and servicemen march in the parade.  Then we had watermelon, lemonade, blueberries and hotdogs and a yummy picnic dinner at Becca's.  What a fun weekend!

(J is expanding our deck to make room for a table, so our backyard is a bit of a construction site.  And, yes, T is wearing a pink ribbon--it's my hat, but I didn't want the top of his head to get burnt. ;)


  1. okay - Toben's face in the first pic is adorable!

  2. LOVE your blog! We just got on the AGCI List, #59 Girl and #32 Siblings ...hope we see some June Numbers soon! :)