Thursday, June 24, 2010

Theme Week: Word Week

Last week was "Word Week."  It was a low-key week.  Because M is in the pre-reading phase (she can write all of the letters and can copy words), thought it would be a good idea to start labeling things in our house.  (Which led to a funny note in her room that said "PottyTowel.")

We also finally took the time to write to our Compassion child, Ajith, in India.  I am HORRIBLE at correspondence (my family can attest to this very well!).  Hoping writing to him becomes a habit. 

Ajith's birthday is coming up this summer and M is very excited about making him a card.  She wanted to send him a cake, but then she realized that it would probably get really squished by the time it got there.  We also talked about how probably the cakes they eat are different from the cakes we eat.  She concluded that he has different "taste buns" than us. :)

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