Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Preschool Graduation (Sort-of) & Microwaved Thanksgiving

M "graduated" from her first year of preschool today. :)  They had such a sweet little ceremony with songs and a slideshow.  We have so LOVED her school and teachers--what a great experience it's been!

I think the only thing that kept from crying was knowing that she's going back again next year. :)  We wrestled with the decision of when to send M to kindergarten all year.  She doesn't turn 5 until the end of October but the cut-off for kindergarten where we live is December 1st.  So we didn't know--should we send her to school as a 4 turning 5 or as a 5 turning 6? 

For lots of reasons, we finally decided that we will wait one more year.  Thinking ahead to the middle-school and high-school years we would so prefer her to be the older child in her class rather than the younger.  

And so thankful that we get one more year with her as she grows.  Love you, little M.  You're our girl!

Oh, and her teachers helped them put together an end of the year book with a collection of photos and art from over the past year.  So cool.  But there was some FUNNY stuff in there!  Like on the list of "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  Most of the other kids said something like a mommy or teacher or doctor.  M wants to be a princess.  Love that!  But my FAVORITE was a fill in the blank for Thanksgiving.  In response to "How do you prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving?" M said, "My mommy puts in the microwave and when it's done she puts it in a place to cool down and then I eat it."  Puts it in the microwave?!  Gotta love it!   :)

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