Saturday, June 12, 2010

New June Number (and some speculation)

Officially for a little girl 0-15 months (From 52 at the end of Feb). 
And #17 for siblings (0-15 months).

Unofficially we are #27 because 2 referrals went out earlier this week.

Here's the fun part, though.  And this is COMPLETE speculation.  Each week an unofficial list is posted on our adoption agency's listserve.  This awesome list shows the position and parameters (ages) of almost everyone who is adopting from Ethiopia.  By looking at the list, it looks like we are either the first or second family who can take a baby in the 12-15 month range.  Crazy!  Very excited to see what this summer brings. :)

P.S. Also changed my music at the side.  Love Aaron Ivey's song, Amos Story, about the adoption of his son from Haiti.  You can read more about it here.


  1. i was noticing that about the age parameters for you guys as well!!!! so exciting!!!

  2. You probably aren't too far off on that guess! Very exciting!!!

  3. woo-hoo!! So excited for you guys :0)