Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mama Panya's Pancakes (100th Post!)

We're trying to do a bit more to get ready for sister to come.  We're talking about it a lot more and we're talking quite a bit about other cultures, etc.  We just got this book--Mama Panya's Pancakes by Mary and Rich Chamberlin.  M and T are loving it.

First of all, "Mama Panya" is just plain fun to say.  Secondly, they LOVE pancakes.  In the story Mama Panya is, of course, making pancakes.  She only has enough money to make pancakes for her son, Adika, and herself.  But Adika keeps inviting all of their friends.  In the end they have more than enough to eat because everyone brings something to share and they have a great time together.

The story is interlaced with words in Kiswahili (one of the languages of Kenya). It has kid-friendly descriptions about Kenya at the end.  Really like this book. :)

Bring on the Shots
In other adoption news, we are in the pursuit of travel vaccines.  I totally thought that this would be no big deal.  You know, just go to my family doctor and get some vaccines.  Not so. 

My family doctor told me to check out our state Health Department for travel vaccine clinics.   I have a list of recommended vaccines from the CDC--typhoid, Hep A, Hep B, meningitis and yellow fever.  This week I spent time getting prices from a few clinics.  I also found out that very thankfully our insurance will cover the travel vaccines.  But the 2 clinics I was able to contact also require a consultation fee.  There is also some sort of clinic that operates only 2 times a month, but I can't get any information about dates, etc. online.  Just waiting around for them to call me back.   Anyway, working on getting it all figured out. :)  (Exciting, I know.) :)


  1. ok... really awesome that insurance covers that... yikes... I was worried at first!

  2. super awesome that your insurance covers yours!!! we had to pay up front for ours and then wait to see... i'm not thinking ours are covered though :( (cruddy student insurance! i can't wait to switch in august!) and YAY for 100 posts! looks like a cute book!