Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Week and Quick Adoption Update

Last week was Garden Week.  We finally planted some flowers and some cilantro, basil and mint.  Hmmm...I tend to be a hands-off flower person and so as you can guess, my plants usually don't last very long. :)  But I can say that the M, T and I have been faithfully watering them every day.

He might have been playing in the dirt. ;)

Yes, definitely playing in the dirt this day.  He actually got hosed off before coming in the house.  So glad that he has short hair--it's much easier to clean. :)

Some of our flowers.

In adoption news, from reading other blogs :), there has been a bit of a clarification about the new 2-trip policy.  Once we receive and accept a referral then the court in Ethiopia will set up an appointment with the birthparents.  After that appointment another court date will be set for us to be there.  During that trip we will meet our little girl.  Then after we return from that one week trip there will still be the expected ~2 month wait before we go back for a week again to bring our daughter home. 

From what I can understand, the court dates can be a bit complicated.  A lot needs to fall into place to pass court and in the past it can take up to 3-4 court dates before a family actually passes.  The first families that will need to travel twice are in process now.  So, we'll be able to see how it all works out. :)  

And we should be getting our new numbers very soon!  We'll actually unofficially be about 2 numbers less than our official number because 2 referrals went out this week! :)  Stay tuned...

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