Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Favorites: "The Carousel Mall"

M and T LOVE the "Carousel Mall."  It's a mall that has a soft kid's play area and a double-decker carousel.  Every Miller kid's dream. :)

This mall is not so close to our house--maybe 45 minutes away, give or take.  But it has more stores than our "local" mall (making it one of my favorite places to shop) and on a really hot or rainy day it's a fun place to go.

Love this play area because the floor and climbing creatures are all super soft.  Great place to get some energy out and a very good reward for helpful little shoppers. ;)

Tumbling together under the caterpillar.

Posing on the bear.  (A little treat from McDonald's always helps with the ride home.)

We always go for either the horses on the top level or the spinning "cup" on the first level.

Fun place!

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