Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Favorites: Baskets!

Happy Friday!  I have new numbers to post, but in the meantime thought it would be fun to share some of my family favorites on Fridays. :)  You know, the stuff that makes me smile and that just make everyday life easier.  Things that I'm VERY thankful for!

For my first favorite--I LOVE baskets!  I love that they are incredibly practical, yet beautiful and homey.  I love their organic and handmade look.  Love them!

Favorite places to get baskets?  Clearance sections of TJMaxx and Target and yard sales, of course. ;)

Here are just a few of the many baskets that help keep our house organized and lovely. :)

Basket on top of the desk for printer ink.

Baskets in my closet for jeans and the like.

My nightstand.  The bottom basket if full of parenting books and mementos from M and T.  The top basket is for the books I'm reading now.

Another side-table basket in the guest room/office.  Full of adoption books and paperwork.

Entrance-way baskets.  Top baskets--one each for lint rollers, car games and extra keys.  The bottom three--one each for returns, cleaning supplies for M & T and M's artwork that we send to grandparents when it gets full.  And even a basket bag full of sun screen. :)

Shoe basket--this one gets crazy full!

Toy basket.

Wooden train basket.

Crayon basket.

Pantry baskets.

Basket for fruit (time to make some banana bread). ;)

Potty seat and TP basket.

Tissue basket.

And everyone's favorite--laundry baskets!  (Though seriously, can't complain about having too much laundry--definitely thankful to have more than enough clothes.) :)

Yep, very thankful for baskets! :)


  1. you DO have a ton of baskets! i can understand though... baskets really are GREAT!

  2. just gave me some really great ideas! Thanks :0)

  3. oh my word!!!!! you crack me up "basket lady" yikes!!!!
    i love you!

  4. ha ha ha.... ok so I just posted a comment... and then saw that my husband was logged in... so the previous comment is really me (EMILY) ha ha ha... keith would never be mean and call you a basket lady... or end with I LOVE YOU!!!!

  5. I like the "M" in the entryway photo. My "R" is on our fireplace.

    Have a great time with the padres! :)

  6. Great ideas with the baskets! I love the entryway cubbies with the baskets, where did you get them?