Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Fun with Yard Sales and Birthday Parties

We had our May Birthday Party at Hudson River Housing (temporary homeless shelter) today and we celebrated the birthdays of 6 little people. :)  As I was putting stuff together last night for the party I realized how cool it was to have so many people pulling together to make the parties happen.  So many different people dropped off things for goody bags or even made up a whole set, bought presents and juice boxes :), made awesome cupcakes and volunteered to help with the party itself.  Thank you, Friends!!!  (

Before the party today M and I had a girls morning at a HUGE community yard sale.  I might be addicted to yard sale-ing.  :)  My objective is to find inexpensive toys that help build imagination and that don't take up too much space.  :)  Today's best finds were a few little doll houses that M has been playing with non-stop, 30 books for $3.00 and the DOUBLE alligator "rocker" (that looks like it has room for 3!).  Oh, and at the birthday parties we usually bring a rug for a play space for the younger children, but today I found one of those alphabet puzzle mats for $2.00 and it worked so well and is much easier to transport. :)

Fun day--and now it is most definitely time for bed!


  1. I love the rocker!!! and thank you again for organizing the parties - it is so much fun and I know that the kids have such a good time!

  2. yay for may birthdays! i don't know about lizards on cupcakes though... :-) i love your toy philosophy. that's what i'm going to adopt as mine... inexpensive, space saving, imagination building!