Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bird Week and Music Week

I've been a bit behind on my blogging. :)  But wanted to quickly post about our Bird and Music Weeks so that next year I can look back to remember what we were doing.

So, two weeks ago we had Bird Week.  And I finally learned the names of some of the really quite beautiful birds in my backyard--favorites are the red-winged blackbird and Eastern bluebird (seriously bright blue).  We made "bird's nest" bowls out of shredded paper and pretended that the beanbag chairs were nests.

Then one week ago we had Music Week.  We listened and danced to a lot of music and played with our musical instruments a lot (confession: I usually keep them tucked away because they are rather noisy.).  I was actually quite shocked about how much M and T liked classical music.  They seemed to love dancing to the happy parts and were thrilled to run and hide during the more dramatic parts that sounded like "thunder or volcanoes."  :)

(Sidenote: See M's shirt?  I bought it at Target and then used the iron-on transfers that you use with your printer to make the words "Waiting for Sister...")

(Bug Week photos coming soon.) :)

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