Friday, April 16, 2010

Growing up with M

Our little M is our spirited, passionate first-born who keeps us our toes and "on our knees."  And she is a very deep thinker.

I work on Thursday nights after J comes home from work.  J and M have been reading the Disney Princess stories together and last night they had a pretty fascinating conversation that J thought was so cool that he actually wrote it down.  They're reading Alladin right now.

Thought I would share a little part of her 4-year-old thoughts...

"Daddy, why were the bad people [Jafar] made bad?"

"What do you mean?"

"They don't have a choice.  They can't choose to be good.  The person who wrote the story made them bad.  If the person who wrote the story is good, why did they make some of the people in the story bad?"

"Because they wanted you to learn the difference between good and bad and they wanted you to choose to be like the good people and not like the bad."

"I'm glad that I was born into a good family.  You and Mommy already chose to be good and so now you're teaching me to be good.  But if I had been born in a bad family they would teach me to be bad, so I'm glad I was born in a good family.  I'm glad I have a special family."


Super cool to hear her call us special.  But, seriously, she's thinking about the author of the story making choices about who they write about.  And the whole thing is a very deep theological question!  Crazy!  But love it!  Sure do have a lot to learn about life and God as we grow up with little M...

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  1. wow!! That is awesome. Full ride to Harvard? :)