Monday, April 12, 2010

The Cabin

J and I are both from central PA.  We went to high school together so our families live about 20 minutes apart.  When we go "home" for holidays or just to visit, we usually also go to the "cabin" that J's family built. 

When we were dating the "cabin" was an old trailer with sinking floors, mice and snakes.  Everyone (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) slept on cots on the screened-in "porch." 

But they have recently rebuilt the "cabin" to be this huge 8-bedroom beautiful house that is 9 feet off of the ground (because of frequent floods).  It has a gourmet kitchen, a laundry room and 3 full baths.  It has 3 decks and 2 fireplaces (one inside and one outside on the lower deck).  I'm not sure that I would actually call it a "cabin."

But, the cabin is on a island on a creek.  There is no bridge.  This is how we get there...

Yep, we park the van, unload all of our stuff into the back of the "deuce" and cross the creek.  Not your everyday vehichle, for sure!  (The water is usually not quite this high.)

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  1. WOW. that's quite the "rebuild" there!!!! and the "deuce"... how cool is that?! definitely looks like a fun place for family get-togethers!