Friday, April 30, 2010

The Bug Story (A Creepy Story)

I just finally finished a photo project that I had sucessfully put off for over a year. :)  In the process I came across an old photo that reminded me of this story.  And since this is a blog of our family's journey, I thought why not share this little tale from when we were "waiting" for T. :)

Let me set the scene.  It was July and I was about 2 months pregnant with T.  It was 2 o'clock in the morning and I had just come back from one of my many treks to the facilities.  As I was snuggling back down under the covers I felt a little scratch on my leg (the back of my thigh to be exact). 

You can totally see where this is going from the title, but here's how it all went down. 

So, my first thought is that I just have a little rough spot on my leg--no big deal.  I reach down to touch it and I'm quite surprised to feel something hard.  It felt like a piece of mulch, really.  Then I think, "Mulch?  How would I get mulch on my leg in the middle of the night?  Oh, no!  It's NOT mulch!  It must be a bug!!!!" 

At this point I panic.  This does not feel like a "normal" bug.  I do what any crazed girl would do--I grabbed J's arm and started whisper screaming (in a moment of sanity, not wanting to wake M up from the room next door), "There's a bug in my pants! There's a bug in my pants!"

J thought I was dreaming and kept telling me that I just needed to take a deep breath.   During all of this I had not let go of my death-grip on the "mulch-bug" through my pants.  So while holding on tight to that with one hand, I scurried out my pants and ran into my closet. 

J still thought it was just my imagination, but he humored me and looked for the bug.  Not expecting to find anything, he took a step back when he actually saw it and then said that he could see why I might be a little freaked out.  He thankfully disposed of the bug. 

I was afraid to ask, but had to know.  What was it?  I said, "Please, just tell me that it wasn't some strange looking bug with long legs and long antennas, you know, the kind that are the lenth of it's body."  He described it as more of a beetle--like a Japanese beetle.  Okay, a Japanese beetle I can handle.  I wouldn't choose to have it in my pj's, but it's familiar.

Then he asked me the crazy question of would I like my pants back to put them on?  Would I like my pants with the squished bug parts back?  Um, no. :)

In the morning I made the unfortunate mistake of looking in the trash can.  And there "it" was.  Okay, it was most definitely NOTHING like a Japanese beetle.  It was indeed just like the bug I didn't want to see.  It was so weird in fact, that I overcame my fear and had to document it.

Here was my nemesis that summer night that made me check the bathroom floor for months (It would be a cool bug to see outside, but not in my pj's.  It still makes me quiver.)...


  1. okay - ahhhhhh!! that was me screaming for you!!!!

  2. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! that made me shiver... YUCK!

  3. I very definatley would have woken up the whole street.....right before I died from a heart attack....there is NO way i would have handled that so gracefully! Too funny, looking back though :0)