Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Sweet Birthday

We hosted our second Sweet Birthday ( party today at Hudson River Housing.  So much fun.  My kids totally love the facepainting and tattoos (their favorites are snakes on their cheeks.  Why?  I have no idea. :)).  Oh, and the goody bags.  And, of course, cupcakes--with lollipops on top! 

Hudson River Housing provides transitional/temporary housing for people who are homeless due to either financial reasons or because of domestic abuse.  Today we found out a little more about what some of the other needs are there.  They can always use our gently used clothing and toys--love having a place where I know that the things we can no longer use will be needed.

It was really cool to be there with my friends and some of my neighbors today.  Looking forward to next month!

[M is looking a little serious, but the playdough table gets a ton of action. :) ]

[T admiring his car tattoo.]


  1. you are so fast!!! Had so much fun today - thanks! I needed a pick-me-up:) Can't wait for next month

  2. CUTE cupcakes!!! i love reading about these birthday celebrations!