Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday Funnies #8

Some of the funny things from this past week...

M's tummy still doesn't feel quite right and so food hasn't been so appetizing for her.  She keeps saying that her "taste buns" aren't working.  We love it!  That and her "ringears" (aka, earrings) make us smile and we don't correct her because we know that all too soon these funny little quirky sayings will be gone. :)

T has been trying to assert his independence these days by forcefully saying that he WILL NOT be doing something.  He has his 2-year check-up this week and we've been talking about what to expect at the doctor's office (not his favorite place).  You know, she'll check in your ears and in your mouth and she'll feel your belly.  And she'll ask you'll to take a deep breath. "NO! I. NOT. TAKE. DEEP. BREATH,"  he says repeatedly.  Cracks me up.  Guess he thinks that's just asking too much. :)

And finally, A Tucci Sandwich... :)


  1. I know--he kind of looks like a turtle though--check the long neck. ;)