Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday Funnies #7: So Thirsty

Ick--our family spent the past week fighting the stomach bug.  It's the first time that our whole family has all been sick at the same time (I'm sure it won't be the last). ;)  We are finally all better and I think that I have disinfected almost every surface--my specialty. :)

So, the stomach bug is really not so funny.  But there was at least one sweet, kind-of sad, but made-me-smile moment. 

Poor T was so thirsty, but his stomach really wasn't cooperating and we were trying to make him wait for a drink.  Anyway, I told him that he could have some water as soon as Mary Poppins was over (we watched a lot of movies).  Poor little dude looked at me with sad eyes and then looked at the TV and saw that Mary Poppins wasn't even close to being over.  So he devised a two-year-old plan.  With a sidelong glance over his shoulder he pathetically shuffled over to the TV and turned it off.  Time for a drink--Mary Poppins was "over."  Clever. 


  1. he said, i can fix that, mom!!! done!!! water please!!! i am glad to hear you are all better!!!

  2. oh, I love your little monkey!!! So good to catch up yesterday:)

  3. Hope you guys are feeling better. We've been praying for you.