Monday, March 08, 2010

Farm Week

So in our family last week was "Farm Week."  What is "Farm Week" you ask?  Well, "Farm Week" is my attempt at making our days much more fun!  We have the usual things we do around here.  You know, playing with the toys in their bedrooms and in the basement, coloring, occasional baking projects and our usual tv shows (Thomas is our latest favorite).  And those things are all good--but theme weeks are giving me the very fun opportunity to make chores and play super-fun

Take "Farm Week" for example.  Our kitchen chairs have been scraping across the floor and it was definitely time to replace the pads on their feet.  So, how much more fun of a job if you pretend that you are putting new horse shoes on the horses?! :)  Needing the kids to come quickly?  Nothing like calling the "Cowpokes" in a deep voice and very funny to hear them call each other a "cowpoke."  Mulch covered sidewalk?  Yep, time to muck the barn!  Setting the table?  Getting ready for some grub!  Hungry cats?  Time to feed the animals (this one got a little messy--more water and food on the floor than in the bowls--but they had fun.)  And, seriously, the poor cats haven't had treats since I can't even remember when, but last week they made up for lost time. :)

We also made birdfeeders--we covered old stale buns with peanut butter and birdseed.  Unfortunately, either the birds haven't yet found our birdfeeders or they really aren't all that appealing to them. :)

And we experimented with "Pig Mud."  We made ooblick (2 parts corn starch to 1 part water).  Okay, that is the craziest stuff.  Solid when you touch it, liquid when you let go.  Very fun.  Also very messy. (Poor J had to clean this mess up because I did it with the kids right before I left for work.)

"Farm Week" was a good week.  They still want to help with feeding the cats and birds.  :)

This week is "Transportation Week."  Right now I have 8 dining room chairs snaking their way through the living room as a train.  My transporters were busy tonight making train tickets.  And working very hard as "deliverers"--delivering the mail back to our house, the garbage to the trash can and the overflowing laundry to the washing machine. :)


  1. Can you come to my house? :0)

    Great ideas Gini!!!

  2. you're such a creative mama!!!! and that ooblick definitely looks messy, but fun!

  3. I absolutely love this post! You are *such* a fun, imaginative mom. :o)

  4. great ideas! i'll have to try some of them:)