Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adoption Timeline

This is our adoption timeline.  A great way to be able to look over the past year to see how far we've come. :)  It sure it long!

02-17-2009:  Contact an Adoption Agency to get more information about the process
02-19-2009:  T turns 1 and we can "officially" start pursuing adoption
03-04-2009:  Trying to decide between Ethiopia and Haiti
05-12-2009:  Finish reading There Is No Me Without You-get a better picture of Ethiopia
07-02-2009:  After a break in our research, we start looking at countries again
07-11-2009:  Read book from AGCI packet and love their story
07-18-2009:  J reads the book from AGCI and also loves it
07-26-2009:  Decide on Ethiopia and AGCI
07-27-2009:  Pre-Application to AGCI approved
08-11-2009:  AGCI Webinar
08-30-2009:  Submit Formal Application to AGCI
08-31-2009:  Send in Medical Letters
09-03-2009:  Application Approved by AGCI
09-09-2009:  Orientation Phone Call
09-11-2009:  Select a Homestudy Agency
09-13-2009:  Receive Contracts from Homestudy Agency
09-24-2009:  G's Physical
09-24-2009:  All Contracts and Official Forms Notarized
10-17-2009:  Send all Initial Contracts and Fees to AGCI
10-21-2009:  Receive Binder and Workbook from AGCI
11-12-2009:  Complete Eyes Wide Open Workbook (intense)
11-14-2009:  CPR Certified
11-17-2009:  J's Physical
11-20-2009:  Start Online Courses--Conspicuous Families
11-21-2009:  First Fingerprinting
11-24-2009:  First Homestudy Visit
11-24-2009:  First phone call with Case Manager to go over Dossier process
11-24-2009:  Spent 4 hours working on Dossier paperwork
11-25-2009:  Spent 4.5 hours in Pok getting papers notarized and sent
11-29-2009:  Ordered Birth Certificates
11-30-2009:  Ordered Marriage License
11-30-2009:  G finished Autobiography for Homestudy
12-04-2009:  Marraige License, G's Medical Clearance, G's Employment Verification
12-05-2009:  FBI Fingerprinted (+another set of fingerprints)
12-07-2009:  Sent Fingerprints to FBI
12-07-2009:  Second Paperwork Call
12-08-2009:  J finished Autobiography
12-09-2009:  Received Power of Attorney back from Albany
12-12-2009:  Sent Criminal History Check Forms to Albany with fingerprints
12-14-2009:  The Journey to Attachment and Medical Issues in International Adoption
12-18-2009:  Finding the Missing Pieces: Helping Adopted Children Cope with Grief and Loss
12-20-2009:  Adopting the Older Child.  Completed all of the online courses!
12-21-2009:  Third Paperwork Call with our Case Manager--Almost done. :)
12-22-2009:  Take 5 on trying to get our "Letter of Good Conduct" from the local
                    police.  It has become quite difficult to prove that we are not criminals. :) 
                    Maybe next week...
12-31-2009:  Send Child Abuse Clearance forms to PA
01-04-2010:  Fourth Paperwork Call
01-12-2010:  Sent I-600A form to USCIS
01-18-2010:  Fifth Paperwork Call
01-28-2010:  FBI Clearances Arrive--last piece of paperwork needed for homestudy
02-03-2010:  First Draft of Homestudy
02-17-2010:  Homestudy Approved by AGCI
02-23-2010:  Send Dossier to AGCI
02-26-2010:  Dossier Accepted--#52 for a little girl 0-15 months and #24 for siblings
03-09-2010:  New Numbers--#48 for a little girl and #22 for siblings
03-10-2010:  Find out that we will have to travel to Ethiopia twice
03-15-2010:  Sent Homestudy to USCIS
04-05-2010:  Fingerprinted for USCIS
04-13-2010:  New Numbers--#41 for a little girl and #22 for siblings
05-14-2010:  New Numbers--#33 for a little girl and #17 for siblings
06-10-2010:  New Numbers--#29 for a little girl and #17 for siblings
07-12-2010:  New Numbers--#26 for a little girl and #15 for siblings
08-06-2010:  New Numbers--#20 for a little girl
09-07-2010:  Received FDL
09-09-2010:  New Numbers--#18 for a little girl and #13 for siblings
10-05-2010:  First Round of Travel Vaccines
10-06-2010:  New Numbers--#13 for a little girl and #14 for siblings
11-04-2010:  Second Round of Travel Vaccines
11-06-2010:  New Numbers--#5 for a little girl and #6 for siblings
11-11-2010:  Unofficially #3
11-17-2010:  Unofficially #2
11-23-2010:  Unofficially #1!
12-08-2010:  Referral!!!  For a tiny 5.5-month-old beautiful little girl!

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