Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I've been spending the last few nights painting the basement steps.  They used to be a nice gray but they were paint splattered and someone used them as a canvas for some creative coloring. :)  So now they are black(ish) and white.  Gotta say though, it's a bit tough to paint steps going into the basement--coming back up is quite hard. ;)

But anyway, while I'm painting I actually take the time to listen to some podcasts.  Love Family Life TodayFrancis Chan is on this week talking about his new book--"The Forgotten God."  Really good stuff. 

Then I listened to an episode with Dr. Dobson and his son Ryan talking about Ryan's adoption story.  That one made me cry like the whole time.  Very hard to paint trimwork with tears in your eyes. :) 

And I also listened to coach Mark Richt and his wife share the story of their adoption of 2 children from the Ukraine.  Love their story, too.

Glad that painting makes me slow down to have the time to be inspired. :) 

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