Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday

The little guy turned 2 today!  Yes, so amazing how fast it all goes by! 

We celebrated 2 weeks ago with Nana, Pop and Grammy and then this week my parents, GrammyKathy and Grandpa came for more "cake and candles."   So much fun to celebrate with family!

I grew up with 3 sisters and so it is fun to watch a little guy grow up.  He is into all things "boy" these days.  Snakes, trucks, tools and his little "guy" figures.  He can spend a very long time just putting the guys in and out of a truck and making it go back and forth.  He even gets down on his belly just to watch the wheels move.  Firetrucks and trains are the most fun to him right now.  Everything is a train.  His stool.  His bed.  My bed.  The two pretzels on the table that can be lined up to make a train.  Two firetrucks can even make a firetruck train!

A Few Fun Facts about 2-year-old T:
Chows down on: "Donos" (donuts), pancakes, green beans, chicken nuggets
Reads over and over: Rain Stomper, Any book with firetrucks or trains
Sings to:  Pat the Bible, Jesus Loves Me
Quenches his thirst with: Water
Can be found watching: Sesame Street, Thomas, Curious George, Boz and Mary Poppins (the things you do when you have a sister)
Likes to Say: "That's so funny."
Never Seen Without: Bear
Always needs: His pants pulled up and his sticky hands washed off 
Really doesn't like: Shopping
Is an excellent: Napper

Love him so much--he is such a cool part of our family.  Happy Birthday, Little Dude!


  1. Happy Birthday T!!! Many happy wishes for your third year!!!

  2. Hi! We are also an AGCI family, who just got home 5 weeks ago with our now 9 month old baby girl!!! It has been an amazing journey with lots of learning experiences (especially learning to trust God more!!!) We are very excited to have finally reached the 'beginning'!

    You have a beautiful family!! Your kids are ADORABLE!