Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Paper Chase

T turned 2 on Friday.  A year ago last Wednesday I made the initial phone call to start our "official" adoption process.

A whole year.  A whole year of decisions, conversations, dreams, frustrations, growth... 

On February 17 (last year) I called an agency to find out more about countries open for adoption with our parameters.

Over the spring and summer we prayed about and researched countries and agencies.

On July 26 we decided that we would use AGCI to help us welcome our third child into our family from Ethiopia.

In early September our Application was approved.

On October 17 all of our AGCI and homestudy agency contracts were signed, notarized and sent.

We have spent the last several months taking classes and courses, going to numerous doctor appointments, getting multiple sets of fingerprints, filling out and sending a stack of forms--tracking them and waiting for them to come back, checking off checklists, learning about Ethiopia, having our hearts broken for orphans. 

It took 5 tries, but we finally got our Letters of Good Conduct from our local sheriff.  We waited for seven and a half weeks for FBI Clearances.  It has been one very long (often frustrating) month of waiting for our homestudy to be written and approved.

Tomorrow we will be sending our completed Dossier to AGCI.  Wow...


  1. yaaaaay! so that means you may get your number friday!!!! i will be praying everything is perfect with your dossier and you get that wonderful phone call!!!

  2. frustration with the homestudy is an understatement lol...ask Becca my latest J issues!! GRRR!!I also will also be waiting on the FedEx truck for the papers (that you saw), that no one (A, AGCI, or ourselves) have ANY idea what they are for or why they were changed. Oh and we already sent in our homestudy to USCIS..sooo yeah. Not sure what to do about that.

    But yayyyy for FRIDAY!!!! You guys better call/text me right when you find out!! :)

  3. Yay! Congrats and how exciting. It has been quite the journey for you. I can't wait to see your first number :)

  4. Found your blog in a chain of other blogs... :) We are with Gladney, but we are sending OUR dossier off tomorrow too!!! It's a great feeling! Congrats!