Monday, February 08, 2010

For lack of a car...

Here is today's post from Drawn from Water (in Africa)--They had to wait 5 days for a car to become available:

"Sort of mixed news today… We were able to save one little two year old boy today named Labuko! And although we could not be more excited to be bringing him into the home we were very sad to learn that a few more did not make it. We were apparently a day late for at least two others, it was unclear if there were any more than two, but there are two we know of for sure who were killed. There are just not words to describe how sad this is.

Today however we are choosing to focus on the one that God has brought into our arms, we are thankful for this precious life, and are going to be just that much more determined to get out there faster next time.

Please pray for the families who lost children this past week. We were not able to find out exactly what happened but we know that there are some terribly sad families today, families who will never forget the children that they had to give up. Indescribable, the pain they must be feeling….


These are things I do not understand.  It seems unfathomable that because they did not have a car (something I take way too for granted), two little lives are gone.  So, I share this tonight.  I can give a little. Together we can give a lot.  With a car they can save a life.  That little life will be the beginning of whole new generations.  That's big stuff...
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