Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Close to My Heart

These days I love wearing anything that reminds me of little sister. Becca (my awesome friend who is also adopting from Ethiopia through AGCI) and I have seriously bought like every kind of product(RED) shirt that was on sale at GAP a few weeks ago. And Becca's amazingly creative friend made us some beautiful t-shirts (I'll have to post those later). We literally need to call each other before we go out to make sure that we're not wearing the same shirt! (Which would be totally okay--what a better way to start a conversation!)

But I have 2 favorites that I'm loving to wear. One is the necklace above. "Enat" is amharic (language of Ethiopia) for "mother." That one reminds me that while this process is long, it does have a sweet ending. :)  It is from Next to My Heart on Etsy ( and all of the proceeds go towards the seller's Ethiopian adoption.

And the other is the scarf below. I got it from the Hunger Site ( for myself and all of my sisters for Christmas. It was made in Ethiopia and when I'm bundling up against this winter chill, it reminds me of little sister.

Can't wait until I have a little body to hold instead of these little reminders! :)

(The flower brooch was made in Africa and is from Global Girlfriend (


  1. i love all of those things! i've often perused Next to My Heart's stuff on Etsy :-)

  2. Just ordered a necklace for me. =)

  3. She will be here soon, but so nice to have those reminders :-)

  4. Hola! Love reading your blog (I'm going to share it with my friend L). The padres both loved "'bout mommy" and told me all about it before I watched it.

    By the way....I was wondering if, in the future, can I have a B added? I'll just sign this 6.2 and you should recognize me. :) (Clue#2 - the bear)