Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baked Bananas :)

Today was a Snow Day.  We actually didn't get very much snow--but we all stayed in--even J worked from home.

We recently got our Compassion magazine and inside was a sample of their new magazine for kids.  The issue was all about Africa!  M loves learning about this stuff right now and the magazine had some fun ideas to try at home.  So what better day than a Snow Day?

We started out by making paper magazine beads. M and T looked through some old magazines to find brightly colored-pages.  T was amazingly good at this and quite proud to have found some very cool pages (he cracks me up!).

The finished product...

Then we started an experiment to learn how to make dirty water clean.  We mixed a lot of salt and then some other spices and food coloring into some water and then set up the bowl below.  So, I think this is supposed to work well in the heat of the sun, but, you know, it was a Snow Day, so no sun here.  I just put it on the hot oven.  It is a project in process--we would be very thirsty if we needed to do this to get clean water--we maybe have like one drop of condensation and it's been 12 hours.  Makes me very thankful for faucets with lots of clean water (seriously).

And finally, we made Baked Bananas (the recipe is for plantains, but we didn't have any of those). :) I thought they were delicious!  The kids not so much--they don't have very adventurous palates quite yet.  But they did have fun painting the butter and brown sugar onto the bananas.

Fun stuff.  Cool magazine.  Next we'll be making the grocery bag balls. :)


  1. fun day! i love all you did in one day :-)

  2. Great ideas for days inside!! How do you do those paper necklaces???

  3. oh my word! I love the bracelets... and love megs face when "painting" the bananas. So serious!