Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I have a few more things to add to our Adoption Timeline and--wow--can not believe how long that list is!  We had our fourth paperwork call with our case manager yesterday and I said how long it was feeling since we started all of this.  She said it has actually only been 2.5 months since we signed our contracts.  It feels way longer than that... 

I've always expected to prepare myself for a long wait once we turned in our dossier, I didn't expect all of the waiting that we're doing just to even get there.  Still waiting for those FBI fingerprints and a few other lose ends...  Guess I'm processing and recalibrating :) my expectations because I so totally know that ultimately in all of this, God IS in control of every aspect--I can do my very best but just need to hold on for the ride. :)

My very good friend, Becca, had a great post the other day that really encouraged me and I wanted to share it.  It's a quote from Just Give Me a Little Piece of Quiet by Lorilee Craker.

"At the moment, I am waiting for a child myself, a child who is growing, as I write these words, in her birth mother's womb on the other side of the world. Foreign adoption is a long, winding road full of setbacks and delays. And just when you think you have filled out your last scrap of paperwork, another couple of reams are thrown at you. Waiting to hold my baby daughter in my arms, to see her sweet face for the first time, is getting harder and harder. But I am holding on to the fact that God will sustain me and my family as we wait for her. And no matter how much I want to speed up the process, God is ordering my steps in His perfect time."

Waiting for you little girl...

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  1. it's good to know i'm not alone in the waiting and the feelings associated with waiting... but i do hope neither of us are "waiting to wait" that much longer!!!