Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday Funnies #3

Okay, so it's definitely not Sunday, but our computer has been terribly ill and I haven't been able to make any recent posts.  And this story might be a little more sweet than funny. :)

A few months ago when J came home from work M said, "Daddy you need to wash your hands before dinner because you've been making money and money is dirty."  She literally thinks that he makes money.

Well, on Friday we decided to meet J at work for lunch.  We've never seen his office and M has been asking a lot to see where Daddy works.  We had the grand tour of his little corner of the world and then when we were leaving we wanted to say "hi" to some of J's coworkers.

About a year ago Ben came over to our house for dinner and he made quite an impression on M because he was very sweet to her.  And we got to see Ben on Friday in his office.

Here's the cool part.  Every day when J leaves for work, M shouts, "Have a good day!  Have a good travel!  Call me and bring home money (change for her piggy bank)!"  She has also been making him drawings to take with him.  And not just drawings for Daddy--she makes drawings that she insists that he give to the people he works with.

So, Ben says hi to us and then he says, "Oh, just a minute."  And I could not believe it, he pulled this crazy line drawing on a scrap of notebook paper out from somewhere that J had given him a while ago.  M thought that was fantastic.  And then Ben remembered what M thinks that they do at work all day.

Ben reached into his pocket and pulled out 2 dimes--jokingly saying that's all the work he's done that day.  J pulled out just a quarter more.  Very productive days. ;)

We had pizza for dinner that night.  M said, "Daddy I won't ask you for any money because you used it to buy this pizza."  Cheapest pizza ever--just 45 cents! :)


  1. that is a CUTE story! did i hear correctly that you should be receiving your fingerprints soon?! yay!

  2. Hey, Jenny,
    Yes, when I called this morning they said that they mailed them on Monday. So maybe tomorrow? Was so excited to hear--expected them to say call back in 2 weeks like they always say. :) Did you call? You and V should be getting them really soon, huh? Really hoping so!!

  3. so, I am going to try to comment again!:) I love this one - she is adorable!