Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Song for My Week

I recently updated my playlist and came across the song below.  The words so speak to this adoption process.  The discouragement and frustration that can come with the waiting for things outside of your control. 

It also speaks to parenting in general.  We've come through a rough week (with good moments, too) and sometimes it can feel like I'm failing a lot.  But the failing usually leads to a lot of reflection and changing directions--all good growth--growing up, really. 

But, ultimately, I do know that it will all work together for good.  I know that somewhere there is a little girl who has lost or will soon be losing her mom...  A mom (like me) will be losing her daughter...  But I also know that God is working things together for good.  He knows that mom.  He knows that little girl.  He loves them.  He is preparing a future for them.

I know that even when I mess up there is grace.  I know that God knows me.  He knows my children.  Our strengths and weaknesses.  He knows the precious little girl who will be joining our family.  Maybe not in my timeframe.  But without a shadow of a doubt I know that in perfect timing a new little person will be joining our family. 

And so this song has spoken to me this week as I have muddled through some of the muck of waiting and learning how to be the best mom I can be.  (And to my sweet friends who are also waiting, this song is for you.)


  1. no :( still nothing... i'm REALLY hoping that this week is the week!

  2. Me too!! Hey, how is your grandmother? Been meaning to ask for awhile.