Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Terrible Incongruity

Okay, some tough stuff...  As part of the adoption process we need to take 6 online courses about issues in adoption.  Last night we took two classes--The Journey of Attachment and Medical Issues in International Adoption.  As part of the attachment class we had to go through 5 case studies about attachment issues.  Probably the one that struck my heart the hardest was a story about a 2 year old who had been raised in a foster home for all of his life and was then adopted.  The class asks you to consider what that grief process might look for him to lose the only mother he has ever known.  So, T is almost 2...  Can I even imagine what it would be like for him to leave everything he knows and loves?...  No... 

The Medical Issues Class was very long--lots to be aware of--alot like any pregnancy I think, you never know what issues the child you are blessed with may have.  But some issues that you wouldn't have with a biological child are things like malnutrition or parasites or scabies.  Awful words.  But here's the thing--this stuff is real.  Not just something in a textbook, but there really are children who live this life...

Which brings me back to, well, me and my family.  Everynight I hold the little people in my family and I talk to God about them.  I pray that they will have a relationship with God, that He will protect them and keep them safe, that they will live long and healthy lives, living to their full God-given potential.  I know how much I love them.  I know that God loves them more than I can imagine.  God loves those children who are hungry, sick, and without a family as much as He loves my M and T.  It's not fair.  It's not right.  So, what can I do?

How easy it is to just go about my regular life.  I read a sad story about a 15lb 7-year-old and then later because I'm bored or maybe a little hungry I go get a snack from my overflowing pantry.  I see barely clothed children and then I go back to my to-do list that probably includes making sure that M has pants to match her new sweater.  I hear about children who recieve Operation Shoe Box gifts and that they treasure the stuffed animal inside and later in the day I wonder if I have enough Christmas gifts for my own family.

There is a terrible incongruity between my life and the reality of people in need.  Through this process I am definitely being challenged to open my eyes a little wider--it's not so comfortable--or pretty.  We have small ways that we give as a family, but I feel challenged to do more.  This is going to be a life changing adventure. 

I wanted to share a clip that I recently watched on a blog.  It is not easy to watch--it's actually horrifying.  What do I do with it?  I share this because information is power.  I can make a small difference.  Working together we can make a big difference.  (Please watch the follow-up, too, by going here.)

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