Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Little Dude

Just came back from snuggling the little guy in his room.  He woke up crying--maybe he was a bit cold because he was sockless.  :)  So, put his socks back on and added another layer of sweatshirt and then I cuddled with him until he fell asleep again. 

Love those moments when you can still get that glimpse of him as a tiny newborn--the smooshed up little face with pouting lips.  Love rubbing his fuzzy little blond head and trying to drink in the sweet moments before they pass quickly away without me taking the time to notice. 

But as I sat there tonight I thought of how soon he will be the big brother in our family.  Hard to imagine but totally cool at the same time.  He will make an awesome big brother (just like M will be a great big sister for her little sister). 

T is one of those funny little mostly-easy-going little guys who loves to smile and loves his people.  When M and I get dressed he calls our outfits "Cute."  He's been calling us "M-honey" and "Mommy honey."  And I don't know if it's his age or if it just makes sense to him, but I rarely have to prompt him to say "please" or "thank-you."  He is easily delighted and that is simply delightful. 

Oh, all of this to say, that I am so thankful that God created little T to be in our family.  He is an amazing gift.  I pray that God will give us the wisdom as parents to help him grow up to be all he was created to be.  Love you little dude...

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