Sunday, December 06, 2009

From the Heart of M

So, tonight when J was putting M to bed they were praying for sister. J prayed that God would be taking care of her wherever she is and whatever she is going through. He also prayed that we would know our sister when we saw her. And M said, "Jesus is the one who chooses our sister. If He chooses to give our sister to a different family than that's fine. Because He chooses. We don't choose. He chooses." Wow, don't know where this comes from but love it!

She also said tonight, "Do you know what Jesus doesn't remember?" And just as I was about to say something like, "Oh, Jesus knows everything." She said, "He doesn't remember when I make mistakes. And when I say to Him, 'Remember when I was naughty?' He doesn't remember." This special little girl of ours has an amazing "remembery"--she never ceases to amaze us.
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