Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We got to spend today with my family.  My family has a lot of unique holiday traditions.  Every year they make a HUGE batch of fresh fruit salad on Christmas Eve.  Usually they put it in large bowls, but this year they opted for something a little bigger...

Yes, they used one of those big plastic bins that are perfect for storing clothing under your bed.  That's a lot of fruit salad...  :)

And ever since we've been in college, my sisters and I (I have 3 younger sisters) put together a skit for our parents--we might poke some good-humored fun at them for funny stuff that has happened over the year or do something a bit more sentimental.  This year, D and M put together a slide show using just 3 words to describe every photo.  They did an awesome job--thanks girls!  My parents have started joining in the fun and they have been putting together game shows--this year's attraction--Are You Smarter Than a 57-Year-Old?  (Almost, but not quite.)  ;)

And my mom always gets us all look-a-like shirts.  This year she went for red t-shirts.  Here's our whole gang all decked out in red.

And then after opening a mountain of presents (thanks Mom and Dad and girls!) and after naps, we went sledding "my-dad-style."  He attached sleds behind the tractor and then pulled us around the fields at the farm we he grew up next to my parent's house.  We did this a ton as kids, but I think it's been almost 15 years (wow--that is crazy to write!) since I've done it.  So much fun!  Thanks, Dad!

And today J and I had a little time alone in the car when we went shopping for few last minute gifts.  We talked about how cool/crazy it is that next year we'll be a family of 5.  We can't wait!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, again, and many special memories with your families!

[And, W, thank you for all of the beautiful pictures.  They are awesome! :) ]

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